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Custom Fashion Tours


Join me on a private fashion tour in the world's fashion capital! As a designer who has called Paris home for over 14 years, I will introduce you to shops exclusive to Paris and give you a tour of the most fashionable neighborhoods. Writing for publications on the topic of fashion and lifestyle including Conde Nast TravelerNational Geographic, SilverKris, The Independent, France Today, and Hemispheres, I have my finger on the fashion pulse! I will customize your tour to suit your specific tastes. Following are a few tours to choose from:

Local Designer Tour (3 hours)

Discover the Haut Marais district, home to some of Paris's most exclusive independent brands. You'll have a chance to meet the designers in person, learn about what inspires them and even view their ateliers where samples are created. What's more, they custom-tailor to fit. A luxury fashion experience unlike any other!


Luxury Fashion Tour (3 hours)

Prepare to discover some of Paris's most exclusive fashion and accessory brands, and gain insight as to what makes them some of the world's best. The tour includes both famous brands and smaller bespoke labels exclusive to Paris. Walk away with a deeper knowledge of what luxury really means and coveted items that will define your experience!


Luxury Vintage Tour (3 hours)

Ready to discover the fashionable vintage side of Paris? Gain access to some of the most exclusive consignment and vintage shops where you'll find famous French brands including Chanel,  Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior. Where better to shop these couture labels than in the city that inspired them?

Flea Market Tour (3 hours)

Go treasure hunting for French antiques and timeless souvenirs in the largest flea market in the world! From vintage clothing and accessories to mid-century modern furniture, there's something to appeal to everyone's taste and budget. We'll focus on what interests you most, from fashion to housewares.


Bespoke Beauty Tour (3 hours)

Prepare to awaken your senses while discovering some of Paris's most bespoke perfume houses and beauty brands. Many of these brands are local to Paris, with perfume being produced in the famous region of Grasse. Walk away with a new scent to remind you of your visit to Paris!

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TOUR PRICE: 350€ for 1-3 people / 100€ for each additional person

(4 hour and full day tours also available)

TOUR TIMES: Morning: 11am - 2pm / Afternoon: 3pm - 6pm

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